Do Home Visits via Your Patient’s Inbox
Does the very thought of email marketing make you queasy? How much spam email do you get in an average week? Lots. How many times do you delete emails unread? Often. How many times does an email catch your attention so you open and read it? Rarely. That’s why you need professional help crafting an email marketing campaign that works.

Your list of email addresses for clients is a valuable resource – but it is one of the most challenging resources to use effectively. Right now, you might just be using your email list to send appointment reminders. You might not even know what to do with contact emails you collect through your website or other online forums. What you should be doing is taking advantage of the opportunity to make contact with patients on a personal level.

Send Email That Gets Read
The last thing you want to do is annoy your patients by cluttering their inboxes with spam or failing to respect their time. Your emails must communicate valuable information in a way that ensures you have their undivided attention. Make no mistake, a patient will spend as much time reading an email as you give them reason to. But they will delete it just as quickly if it is irrelevant. This is why it is absolutely critical to get your email campaign right the first time. That means getting everything from the sender name and headline to the content length and call to action perfect.

Our team at DMFD will create an email campaign that gives your patients a reason to click through. We can help you announce practice news, distribute exciting, high value promotions and deliver important educational information that helps improve your patients’ health. Stop wasting your patient email list and start communicating in a way that builds your practice today!