SEO for Doctors : Best Practices for Your Practice
Search Engine Optimization is something you know your website needs – but chances are high that you’re not sure exactly what this entails. It’s not brain surgery, but this field can be pretty complex. In fact, the rules and tools for SEO change so fast that it’s a full time job just keeping up with most effective methodologies. We put in the effort to stay on top of this game because SEO is proven to be the #1 online lead generator for businesses. At DMFD, we deliberately build SEO for doctors into every aspect of our web design and intelligent marketing practices.

This is a strategy that has many facets. We build a solid foundation, analyze results, and continually improve and expand your online reach. This approach leads to both immediate results and long term search traffic that will convert to sales. Here’s a quick look at what a full campaign may involve:
Keyword Research that targets your local patient demographic. This research can be used on your website, in social media and for PPC ads to increase your visibility to the right market – even on a budget.
On Site SEO including unique page titles, meta-descriptions, content and alt tags as well XML site maps and redirects to make sure search engines know what your site is all about.
Content Creation with regular updates and fresh new content that keeps search engines and patients engaged.
Inbound Link Building that demonstrates the relevance and quality of your content to the search engines, increasing your page rank. This service includes Directory and Bookmarking Site Submissions that may even help your content “go viral”.

See Real Results You Can Understand
How effective is our SEO for doctors? Just like you track your patients’ lab results to monitor their health, we make it easy for you to track our marketing results to monitor the health of your web campaign. Every month, we deliver a report that lists:

  • Our key deliverables
  • Your site’s rank according to multiple independent sources
  • Your site’s analytics including traffic and sources of traffic
  • Your Search Engine Rank for your targeted keywords

Contact DMFD today to start optimizing your way to a thriving business!