Serving Numbering System

Specifications :

Serving Number System

Future Horizons helps to transform your customers’ waiting journey. Our solution “Now Serving Number System” makes it possible to assign numbered tickets to allow your customers to join the queue when the ticket number is displayed. 

Our solution manages customer traffic at your service area with the Now Serving Number system. The system employs a fast and fair method to serve the customers in the service area by assigning tickets.

How It Works

Tellers alert the next customer about his or her turn by flashing his ticket number on Counter Display Units and Voice alerts. Teller workstation terminal software and hardware are user-friendly and integrated with manager dashboards and reporting software. This makes it easy for staff to organize crowds and manage customer flow. Now serving number system is centrally configured and managed to allow management to keep track of customer flow in all the branches/customer service centers/stores in a region. 

Future Horizons will help you out in managing long lines and reducing waiting times to keep customers satisfied.

Future Horizons is a multinational technology company that is at the forefront of technological revolution since more than two decades, and enjoys a firm presence in over 70 countries. We are leaders in Customer Experience Solutions with our Queue Management Solutions installed at renowned organizations worldwide.


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