Magic TV is a professional to transfer your internal display TV-screen to a multi-media advertising display.

For banks, clinics, hospitals, shops, billboards, hotels, exhibitions, events... Etc

Display List

• Showing a video file
• Display consecutive Photos
• Showing a flash file
• Presentation Prayer on time
• View a particular file at a specific hour
• Full control in a split-screen
• Full control in Altil of the rotor bottom of the screen

Purpose of Magic TV:
Magic TV is The first technology to divide TV screen into many sections as you like : Satellite channel, special announcements, Teitel dizziness, Live camera, Tweets, Facebook, YouTube, the official sponsor, a special screen design, PowerPoint offers ... Etc.
Make an internal TV screen with full map controls.

* Connectivity with:
- Live video camera, most of the camera
- Video file, Flash, Word, Excel ... Etc.
- Live satellite broadcast with control
- View from another computer PowerPoint ... Etc.
- Twitter, Facebook, Ujiaob, currencies, Internet ads, .. Etc.
- Counter electronic ... Banks, clinics, conferences ... Etc.

Example of frames dimensions of Magic TV:

Scope of Work:
- The possibility of locating a particular branch holidays and make adjustments and reforms needed to run again from the control site
- The possibility of linking all branches screens at the branch level and control from a single
location or multiple locations.