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  1. 1. Advertising
  2. 2. Types of Advertising Newspaper articles, advertisements, free magazines. Magazines, articles, buy products from the magazine, before + after pictures (weight loss). Radio, adverts (promote products/events), special guests to promote something. Television, adverts, special guests on talk shows, subliminal messages. Outdoor, posters on buses, billboards. Door to door, posters and leaflets through doors, free magazines. Media, product placement, social media (eg. facebook, twitter, instagram), pop ups, email promotions. Guerrilla advertising, stickers on lamp post, low budget (murals, posters, stuff to catch people’s attention in public)
  3. 3. Online Advertising Examples Online advertising is a cheap and efficient way to advertise your productevent. Millions of people go online everyday, so the chances of people seeing your advert is quite high. Some examples of online advertising are: Facebook ads, ads suggested by google from your search, ads on clothesshoesaccessoryluxury websites and emails sent to your inbox to promote a product you may be interested in from previous viewings.
  4. 4. Print Advertising Examples Print Advertising is used to catch people’s attention when walking in the streets and on their way to work. This way of advertising sticks in people’s minds, and if they see a billboard or poster everyday on their way to work, when they need a product like that it will be the first brand that they think of.
  5. 5. Guerrilla Advertising Examples Guerrilla Advertising is a strategy designed for businesses to promote events/products in an inexpensive way. Independant companies usually use this way of advertising as they generally have a low budget to advertise their product/ event to ensure their profit stays high.
  6. 6. Broadcast Advertising Examples Broadcast Advertising is a popular advertising medium. It consists of TV, radio and Internet. Radio ads stick in the listener's head after several times of hearing it, which is why there are so many advert breaks as the company will pay for multiple airings of their advert. Internet marketing can annoy some viewers which is why the ethics involved are important. Some examples of this, are banner ads, email marketing and ads on search engine results.
  7. 7. Outdoor Advertising Examples Outdoor Marketing is an easy way of advertising your product/event. Seeing the advertisement several times will make it easier to remember. Examples of this are: posters on bus stops, the sides of buses and billboards.
  8. 8. Product Placement Advertising Examples Product placement advertising, is used in television and film. An example of this is all characters in a film, using iPhones so that viewers will want to have an iPhone to be like the people on the film. Company’s pay lots of money for this to happen.
  9. 9. Mobile Advertising Examples Form of advertising via phones. Everybody in today’s society uses a phone, so this way of marketing takes up a huge part or promoting your product/event. Pop ups, ads on social media, emails are all apart of mobile marketing.
  10. 10. Packaging Advertising Examples Packaging Marketing is used in everyday life. If a product’s packaging looks aesthetically pleasing, then more people will want to buy it. Examples of this are: Nike, Apple, JD, Converse, Vans and other food packagings.
  11. 11. Design Contexts Information needed for an advert is what it is, how much it is and why it’s good. Appealing to the target audience would have to be taken into consideration so that the advert appeals to the people the product is made for. Messages about the product should also be relevant, as well as the audience and product in terms of the brief.
  12. 12. Constraints in Advertising Law - must abide by the laws. Certain products can’t be advertised at all, or are restricted such as alcohol and tobacco. You also can’t make untrue claims about another product. Money - if your budget is limited, guerrilla advertising would be more efficient than a TV ad. Ethics - make sure advertisement isn’t distasteful and don’t fit the product’s profile so it doesn’t affect a vulnerable person.
  13. 13. Communications in Advertising This advert uses the Empathy Strategy, to make people sorry for the polar bears who are crying over the melting ice caps which are their homes. This advert is about global warming, and shows people how it would affect animals and their habitats,so that it pulls at people’s heart strings and makes them want to donate their money to help save polar bear’s habitats.
  14. 14. Communication in Advertising This advert uses the comparison strategy to show that Asda is better than tescos and has more frozen products that are cheaper. This would make people want to shop at Asda instead of Tescos so they spend less on their shopping.


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