Multi E-Health Solutions

Learn all about our E-Health Solutions from Future Horizons – smart health information exchange for effective communication that connects healthcare providers and patients to improve quality of care and reduce costs.
Thus, eHealth Solutions help create effective communication, standardize quaily and synchronize processes among institutions: to improve quality, avoid unnecessary examiantions and save resources and costs.

E-Health Solutions:

Digital health solutions range the gamut from consumer, medical, and clinical devices, apps, and related services leveraging them, to genetic and DNA testing to whole genome sequencing, and all combinations therein. This list serves as a resource for identifying solutions that are already available or are currently in development. To find specific types of solutions, added many keyword description tags, which can be used to filter the list. To add a solution.

Digital Health

Digital Health Solutions also for a searchable list of E-solution , the Future Horizons IT has a comprehensive and searchable list.
Communication inefficiencies between departments and clinical institutions can lead to a massive waste of resources and time. Necessary patient data often already exists, but the information is not available where and when it is needed.!


Web Develop
Graphic Design
Video Pr.
Social Med.

Network services

e-Health Solutions provide network services and applications for support of cross-institutional communication. By connecting the involved stakeholders, relevant patient data can be made available for cross-institutional treatment and all involved physicians.

The Integrating the Healthcare En

Healthcare Enterprise

terprise standard compliant solution allows secure exchange of medical information in a scalable environment from regional to national settings.

Our E-Health Applications

Online Clinic

Online Consultation Web Health Centre brings to you Online Consultation facilities from some of the region’s leading medical institutions and consultants

The patient can examine medically or physically through the internet and after the reservation.

Really the patient Login to the website and choose Open speak via the internet is a replica specialty doctors who asks with a response direct and answered all the questions.

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Health Calculators

Health tools online features calculators like Body Mass Index calculators, Disease risk calculator, smoking cost calculators, calorie and other health & fitness calculators, pregnancy and child immunization calculator and much more.

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Health Reminder

Health reminder is a Preventive health services, for your patient such as immunizations and screenings, help prevent potentially serious diseases and offer the best opportunity for early detection and successful treatment.

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Medical Reservation

Reservation System This software innovation intending to revolutionize the way we do our regular check up with our doctors .Through this program , we can easily make an appointment with our preferred doctor online for consultation and check up to prevent long line waiting.
What the user need to do is just browse the website, log in, and submit. Then it will display a wide range of options specifically the list of doctors by specialization alongside their schedule and availability.
Once the first five patient was scheduled for that specific date and time, the system will not further entertain other appointment application. This program will surely help people especially those busy but have constant check up.

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Medical & Health Careers

Explore careers in healthcare including Emergency Medicine, Pathology, Dental Hygiene, and much more.
multi-disciplinary, interactive health careers applications designed to explain the array of health professions and provide easy access to employees seeking information about available health careers.
This app is a initiative involving information about available jobs for all specialties.
Our mission is to help solve urgent problems in egyption health care.
We hope to address these problems By providing good jobs to talented persons.

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Medical Educations Also education service for doctors by education programs and follow-up of all that is new in the world of Medical medicine.

Health Patient Education The online process by which health professionals and others impart information to patients.

Health Q&A Its Question and answer application , the patient can ask the question with the answers for any inquiry or diseases.

Video Health Library The Stanford Health Video Library programs feature prominent doctors presenting the latest health research. Use these links to jump directly to your topic of interest in videos

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Health Client Registration

Are well recording all the information and data about the patient and all the data relating to the patient from the date of entry into pathological diagnosis of the situation and address and Telephone numbers and amyl own until the patient follow-up and use of data in all the personal information curse.

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Healthy Banner System

Our web banner system or banner ads is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to your website by linking your website to our website.
The advertisement known as a "click through." In many cases, banners are delivered by a central ad server.
When the advertiser scans their log files and detects that a web user has visited the advertiser's site from the content site by clicking on the banner ad, the advertiser sends the content provider some small amount of money.

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Online p.medical history

Contains data entered by clinicians to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual's medical history which is accessible online. The health data online might include patient-reported outcome data, lab results, etc.

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