We Make Reputation Management for Doctors Our Business
As a doctor, your reputation is worth almost as much as your medical degree when it comes to running a successful practice. Unless you live in a very small and very remote town, your patients have options about who to trust with their medical care. When there are dozens of physicians to choose from, patients turn online to do their research. They’re actually likely to visit one of the many doctor review sites before they end up at your website. That’s a scary thought when you consider how little control you have over what’s being said about you online.

What Happens Online Affects Your Bottom Line
Did you know that just a one star drop in your ratings could mean a 10% loss in business revenue? An unreasonable patient leaving false negative feedback or even a competitor playing dirty tricks can wreak havoc with your reputation, leaving you with little direct recourse. Some doctors are turning to litigation or forcing patients to sign confidentiality agreements to deal with this type of issue. But that’s a costly road and may end up alienating even more people. But we think there’s a better way to handle reputation management – a way that lets the true merit of your practice shine through and attract more patients. Our team at DMFD can:

  • Push bad or unfair reviews down the search results so they have less impact on your practice
  • Generate excellent reviews and move existing good reviews to the top of search results
  • Help you strategize the best ways to encourage more of your patients to leave stellar reviews

Reputation Management Is a Numbers Game
The most important numbers are 24/7/365. That stands for the around the clock, in-depth monitoring of the leading doctor rating sites and consumer review sites to address any negative ratings immediately. We don’t just pay attention to your star ratings, though. We also monitor general web searches and results for your name to see what people may be saying on blogs, news feeds, forums, etc. That way, we can respond in a timely (and HIPAA compliant) fashion to help you maintain your good name. Contact DMFD today to get started on those rating stars!