ADS Video Play System

Specifications :

Create a marketing video to engage your audience with valuable content for social media. Choose from 1000+ promo video templates, Quick & Easy To Use.

This creative marketing video maker app helps to grow your business across social media at a faster pace. You don't need a graphic designer to create a professional promo video for a business. We've designed a good collection of marketing video templates.

Where to use marketing video maker app?
1. Create a video advertisement for the business
2. Make promotional offers
3. Create announcements on the event
4. Create FB Posts, Insta Posts, Insta Stories, and other social media posts
5. Create a slideshow video for birthday wishes
6. Create a branding video for business
7. Create tutorial videos
8. Create short tips videos
9. Create explainer videos
and more.

How to use a marketing video maker?
1. Add photos to the program
You can make a slideshow with music out of the images of the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG. Once images are added to the slideshow, the interface of the app changes, and all the images are displayed in the image queue. It's possible to rearrange the images by dragging them.

2. Transitions
Select a transition effect from a wide variety of transition effects.

3. Add music to the slideshow
If you want to create a slideshow with music, you need to add audio files to the slideshow. Audio files of supported formats MP3, Wave.

4. Controls
Control time and transition effects for images in your slideshow.

5. Photo Editor With Templates
Get ready-made business presentation templates for listed categories. Just edit the template using a powerful photo editor tool.

6. Preview
Preview your promo video prior to creating it for better results.

7. Re-Edit
Never lose your creative work. You can always continue from where you stopped.

8. Share
Share your promo video on social media. A great promo video needs to be eye-catching and engaging, but it also needs to get your message across.

Create slideshow video for advertising travel agency, automobile, sports, real estate, food & restaurants, fashion, non-profit, event planning services, tutoring, fitness, and more

Marketing video maker, promo video maker app is useful for social media marketing, video advertising, creating video ads for social media business promotion, and more.

Easy to use slideshow maker with music. Create video ads, promotional videos, and captivating visual content to engage more audience.

Marketing Video Maker, Advertisement Maker App
Marketing video maker offers monthly, Six-monthly, or annual premium subscription to unlock all of the features.

• Remove Ads
• Access to all premium graphics including templates.

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